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About Us

As our company grows, we expect the locations of work to further expand across Canada. Headquartered in the Alberta Heartland, Silverado Site Services. has been providing essential equipment since 2011.

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Safety is Key

Our belief that a "safe company is a productive company" produces daily successes and long-term results. Our entire team strives to go home each and every day having caused zero harm to personnel or the environment. Competent people at all levels contribute to a culture that champions our Health, Safety & Environment program. At Silverado Site Services, safety is not a practice; it is a culture. As a result, this company has instituted a wide range of programs to enhance health, safety, and lifestyle choices, including a Responsive Modified Work Program that enhances the workplace, and ensures employees can safely tackle their tasks.

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Our Commitment to Diversity

At Silverado Site Services, inclusion and diversity means to respect and value our differences. We recognize the benefits arising from employee diversity; great ideas come from differing perspectives, which are developed by various experiences, which means that you need a diverse set of people.

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Our Culture

At Silverado Site Services, we do everything we can to give one another the opportunity to do great things. We provide each other the freedom, trust and flexibility we need to continually redefine who we are.


Services that we offer to set up your project for success.

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When it comes to solving and preventing problems below ground, Silverado Site Services has a hydrovac team that has been growing. We have a small fleet of trucks to help service Edmonton and area.

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Tandems & End Dumps

Our meticulously maintained fleet and robust industry connections we provide a distinct competitive advantage, allowing us to offer cost-effective solutions and streamlined logistics management. Silverado Site Services positions itself as a reliable and trusted partner, fully capable of meeting diverse aggregate transportation needs.